A Grandmother's Eulogy

by Claire Dorogusker


Last May when we found out that Sam was transgender. We did  not know how to reach out to her so I wrote a letter. Thankfully, it was well received. Today I would like to share it with you.


My Dearest Sam,
This is a love letter. The change of your identity was at first surprising. But Papa and I want you to know you are today as you were yesterday, our precious, delightful, bright, beautiful grandchild who is an integral part of our lives. May you continue sharing books, music and all things Jewish with us and never stop hugging and loving us as we do you. 
As Ever,
Oma and Papa

Ben and I were blessed for 21 years with the gift of Sam. What I will miss most are her hugs. Smiling-with arms extended, she literally cradled me gently and always, always whispered “I love you Oma”. Now my dreams of her must suffice.